Motherlover is a sweet serial romance comic about two moms from different walks of life who (are going to eventually) fall in love, with a bunch of other life stuff that happens along the way.

It’s a spinoff comic of How Baby, which is my (mostly) autobiographical comic about the trials of motherhood. Specifically, these gals showed up as randomly-generated characters in #237: Insecurities, and in drawing the comic I realized… yo, those moms are gonna kiss. I could feel it in my ‘shipping bones.

So then I set out to make a multi-chapter slow burn comic solely about them becoming friends and falling in love. Go big.


How’s it work?


Motherlover updates once a week, alongside a regular How Baby schedule.

Ideally, I want to be able to create Motherlover without commercial advertisement, as I do for How Baby. Maintaining a space that doesn’t conflate parenthood with Buying More Things is important to me. If you can support me in this quest, consider pledging on Patreon. Your small monthly donation goes towards maintaining both comics and helping me travel to conventions to spread the word, and generally keeps gas in my creative tank. As a bonus, you get advance updates from both comics, as well as other Patreon-exclusive rewards like WIP images and downloadables.


Do I know about SNL and/or Dream Daddy?