Alexis Koenig

Alexis – though she prefers Alex – is a cosmopolitan single-mother-by-choice who’s moved back into her childhood home following the death of her parents.

Not really the type for long term relationships (in general) and men (in particular), it wasn’t until her late thirties that she realized if she wanted to have a family, she’d just as well go it alone. After weighing her options, she chose to become a single mother via IVF and had a daughter, Nolan.

Alex is a perfectionist and is hardworking to a fault, traits she applies to both her career and her family life to predictable results. Grieving her parents and uprooting her family throws off the delicate balance she’d made of her life, and she finds herself adrift.

Birthday: January 17

Imogen Dawson

Imogen – never Ginny – is a stay-at-home mom struggling to find a new identity and purpose at a turning point in her life.

Always the nurturing type, Imogen had always wanted to be a mother. When she became pregnant just out of high school, it seemed she would simply be getting a head start.

However, life (and her deadbeat boyfriend) had other plans, leading her to drop out of college to care for her child. Eventually, she married her childhood friend Jonathan, and had three sons – the last a surprise set of twins.

Though Imogen selflessly loves her children and is more than willing to sacrifice her own happiness for theirs, she struggles to make ends meet for her  unexpected family of six and longs for something to change, soon.

Birthday: March 3

Minor Characters:

Mitsuko and Glenn Koenig: Alex’s late parents
Nolan Koenig: Alex’s daughter
Eiji Koenig: Alex’s younger brother
Jonathan Dawson: Imogen’s husband
Lucas, Gavin, Adrian, and Aidan: Imogen’s children