Happy Wednesday!

I sat down yesterday and rescripted the rest of this chapter, which it needed terribly; five hours later, this whole upcoming conversation is 100% better and 33% longer and 200% more brutal, ahahaha. I can’t wait to unfurl it for you.


Panel 1 (the dark treetops of the forest)

Eiji: So? How’s the old house?
Alex: It’s fine.
Eiji: And the neighbourhood?
Alex: Same as always.
Eiji: Does Nolan like her new school?
Alex: Sure.
Eiji: Are you PTA president yet?
Alex: Oh my god, no.

Panel 2 (Eiji follows Alex, who is tersely walking away)

Eiji: Are you still on leave?
Alex: Yeah.
Eiji: So, how are you keeping busy?
Alex: Can we can it with the twenty questions? None of your business, if you’re trying to fix me.

Panel 3 (Eiji, smiling)

Eiji: Geez, sorry for trying to be brotherly.

Panels 4/5 (textless; Alex looks back at Eiji, mouth open as if to say something, then thinks better and looks ahead, fuming)