(TFW you’re about to upload and forgot that in 2018 you made a terrible decision to give your main character a prominent arm tattoo, and you’ve forgotten for at least two weeks of scandalously bare arm… whoops. Don’t give your leads tattoos, y’all!!)

Anyway! Happy Wednesday; happy Thanksgiving to those who’re celebrating it this week (at home, with their households, please); happy Shadowlands release day! <33


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen sitting on opposite sides of “the same” bed, staring at their phones as they chat via text)
Imogen: lol never mind!!
Imogen: thnak you again for babysitting
Alex: Seriously, no problem. Lucas was a huge help with the boys.
Imogen: sorry again abotu Jonathan. I’ll talk to him tmrw
Alex: It’s okay. He’s not the first drunk idiot to try his luck
Alex: not that Jonathan’s an idiot sorry
Imogen: no no he is for sure an idiot
Imogen: lol
Imogen: ttyl?
Alex: See you tomorrow. 🙂
Imogen: byeeeeee
Imogen: zzzzzzzzzz
Alex: LOL

Panel 2 (textless, exterior roofs of their houses, moonlit, as snow falls)