Happy Motherlover Day! Like I said on twitter last night, I’m going to try not doing comics into the wee hours any more – if it’s not done, it can wait a day. That’s why this is going up now, and not Wednesday; I wanted to actually enjoy doing the page and doing it right, not only hurt myself staying up late.

But! Here is the page, and I like it very much! It’s hard to believe that I feel so comfortable with drawing backgrounds now, after all my bellyaching in the first couple’a chapters. It’s fun! I like it!

I hope you like it too, and thanks for sticking with me over the hiatus! We’re back at it again in chapter nine!


A page with no dialogue. Imogen stands at her kitchen sink washing dishes, then cleans the fridge, then mops the floor. An inset panel: a bullet journal decorated with washi tape, with Imogen’s to-do list. ‘figure out banking stuff???’ is in red with a star.

The to-do list reads:

kitchen: do the dishes, clean out the fridge, wash floors
laundry: do the kids laundry + towels, strip and wash bed linens, sort through old clothes for donation
figure out banking stuff???
meal planning!!!
call the school about L’s learning plan
make haircut appointments
call mom