We’re getting there. Slowly. Thanks for keeping up with it. <333


Panel 1 (a conversation over text; Imogen sighs in the background)
Imogen: hi sweetie, sorry to bother you at work, but what’s the password for the bank account?
Imogen: I want to check something
Jonathan: What’s up? I can do that for you.
Imogen: no let me do it! 🙂 I tried to put my middle name in like the hint said but I couldn’t get it to work!!

Panel 2 (textless; Imogen sits at the laptop and wait in silence)

Panel 3 (textless; Imogen looks over as her phone buzzes on the table)

Panel 4 (text conversation; no background)
Jonathan: Come on, my passwords are stronger than that 🙂
Jonathan: It’s 3!izaB3th2201
Imogen: oh yeah that makes sense! duh! haha thank you!!