Panels 1+2 (textless; Jonathan attempts to climb the stairs, but Alex blocks him)

Panel 3 (Jonathan, close up)
Jonathan: What are you- this is my house!

Panel 4 (Imogen, shadowed, looking down from an upstairs window in the house)
Alex, off-panel: Just go sit in your car for ten minutes.

Panel 5 (Jonathan, realizing Imogen is in the window)
Jonathan: What- is she leaving? You can’t just leave!

Panel 6 (Alex, staring Jonathan down)
Alex: She can do what she wants, chief. She doesn’t need to listen to you.
Jonathan: Oh, what do you know? You’re just taking her side!

Panel 7 (Alex, furious)
Alex: Of course I’m taking her side! You’re cheating on her, you piece of shit!