Everyone in the comments last week predicting Alex was gonna straight up murk this guy… y’all are dark… but no, we have a few more miles to go until he sleeps.


Panel 1 (textless; Jonathan spawled in the ground in the foreground, Alex still on the porch looking surprised)

Panel 2 (also textless; close-up of Alex being surprised)

Panel 3 (Jonathan, angry)
Jonathan: Bitch!

Panel 4 (Jonathan rising to his feet)
Jonathan: You come into my home… turn my wife against me… get in my business… who the hell are you? She was fine until you showed up!

Panel 5 (Alex, arms spread, yelling)
Alex: She was not fine! You were just getting away with it! You don’t even know what you have! You just care about what you’ll lose!

Panel 6 (Jonathan, super close-up)
Jonathan: Lose? Are you winning her?