🎡 like a good neighbour, jackie is there 🎡


Panel 1 (Jacqueline waves exuberantly from the sidewalk)
Jackie: ohmigosh, Peter has been trying to get a hold of you for days! He wants to get all the guys together for a-

Panel 2 (close-up of Jackie, looking airheaded)
Jackie: …is this a bad time?

Panels 3 and 4 (Alex and Jonathan stare in confusion)
Jonathan: Uh… no?

Panel 5 (Jackie insinuates herself between Jonathan and Alex)
Jackie: Oh, good! You know what, why don’t you just give me your number~! Men! I always end up scheduling everything!

Panel 6 (textless; Jackie watches as Jonathan inputs his number into her phone)

Panel 7 (Jackie looks over her shoulder)
Jackie, quiet: Go.

Panel 8 (textless; Alex nods in surprise)