Rounding out 2023 with a two-page spread, that’s kind of nice. And look, we do overlap with December a little bit! Juuuuust a little bit. After Christmas. Oh well.

I hope your families are having a wonderful end of year, whether for you that’s cold and dark like here or hot and sunny elsewhere. At the end of the year I like to take some time to reflect on what I am thankful for, particularly the blessings of warmth, light, good food, and community in the face of the coldest dark. And I use the time to center myself for a new year, too – new projects, especially. Thank you for another year with me, and with Alex and Imogen – and happy holidays.


(A two page spread, decorated with detritus from Alex and Imogen’s lives. The ‘November’ side has panels of Imogen handing out fliers for the LGBTQ+ campus organization, the family visiting a fair, and Alex and Imogen preparing a turkey dinner for Imogen’s parents. The page is decorated with things from the LGBTQ+ org: a flier with someone’s phone number scribbled on it, various queer pins, and a keychain that reads PROUD MAMA. The ‘December’ side features panels with Imogen running to embrace Alex after a concert, them watching the children attempt to decorate the tree, and Imogen horsing around while Alex wraps presents. The page is decorated with various scrapbook pieces: a ski lift pass, admittance tickets, and a vintage photobooth strip of Alex and Imogen making silly faces)