Happy Wednesday! And happy belated Mother’s Day to the mothers reading this. <3

So sorry for the delay; I straight up forgot to post last week and by the time I realized it was honestly just too late to post knowing people would be by soon and not see a skipped page. My bad.

CONVENTION ANNOUNCEMENT: It’s VanCAF this weekend! If you’re a Vancouver person, please stop by VanCAF at the Roundhouse! It’s free admission and it’s absolutely stacked with independent comic creators, one of my favorite shows. I’m in the gym, at table J-12!


Panel 1 (large panel of Alex gesturing animatedly in front of Imogen)
Alex: Because I’m shit at this! And I don’t want my stupid anxieties to ruin what we do have!
Imogen: I’m not any better… I don’t even want to get into another serious relationship. …but with the settlement, I can move out, a-and… y-you know, we can not rush into anything.

Panel 2 (Alex buries her head in her hands. Her speech bubble is muted, as if muffled or mumbling)
Alex: Ohmygod we moved in together before we even started dating.

Panel 3 (Imogen, close-up, teasing)
Imogen: …dating?