Hello friends! Happy Wednesday!

Last week I started scripting the second-to-last chapter of Motherlover… and then went on ahead and scripted the LAST one, too! And I was so worried about wrapping it up! I had all these ideas and worries, and it all just… came out. I even gave myself feels as I wrote it. It’ll be sad to close this book when it’s done after so long… but I’m also really happy with how it’s coming so naturally. Over the weekend I started penciling the next chapter, too. Whew!!


{This page is largely without dialogue; from above, Imogen tentatively approaches a group of people looking at the table for the LGBTQ center. She peers over their shoulders, but gets intimidated by someone looking at her questioningly and slips away. She spots a carousel of fliers, picks one up with a slight hesitation and reads it intently before being interrupted:)

Stranger (off-panel): Hi! Do you have any questions?