Hey gang! I’m at Anime Revolution in Vancouver this weekend, at table A54. Stop by if you’re nearby!


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen turning away from the table)
Alex: You’re not eating?
Imogen: Pancakes before running? Oof, no thanks. I had some cereal earlier.
Alex: Oh, me too.

Panel 2 (Jonathan, eating pancakes)
Jonathan: What, your husband didn’t make you breakfast?

Panel 3 (close-up of Alex, Imogen looking over in surprise)
Alex: Haha! No, don’t let the ring fool you. There’s no husband.
Imogen: Oh, you’re divorced?

Panel 4 (Alex, speaking)
Alex: Nope! Never married.

Panel 5 (the Dawson family, in various stages of reacting)
Nolan: Mom made me herself!