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Panel 1 (Lucas in foreground with Nolan in background)
Lucas: You can do that?
Nolan: Mmhmm!

Panel 2 (Alex, amused, and Imogen, embarrassed)
off-panel: How did-
off-panel: What about-
off-panel: Why didn’t she-
Imogen: Okay! That’s enough questions for Ms. Koenig!! We’re gonna go now! Kiss train!

Panel 3-6 (Imogen kissing her family)
Imogen: Bye! Bye! Bye! Please put on pants!

Panel 7 (Imogen leading Alex to the door)
Imogen: Ohmigod, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that.

Panel 8 (Alex crouching to tie up her running shoes)
Alex: It’s okay! I’m used to the questions.