I’ve been looking forward to drawing this page forEVER. Younger Alex! Actual in-canon confirmation a(t least one) character is gay! I’m one up on most mainstream media, now. 😀


Panel 1 (Alex looking up at Imogen while Imogen puts on her shoes)
Imogen: I used to get a lot of questions, too. Lucas’s father didn’t stick around either.

Panel 2 (Alex looking up at Imogen, confused)

Panel 3 (Alex looking up at Imogen, laughing)
Alex: Oh. Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve had this conversation.

Panel 4 (A younger Alex, standing in a bathroom smiling at a pregnancy test)
Alex, off-panel: There was never a father. There was never a man at all. I’m a lesbian.

Panel 5 (Imogen looking up at Alex, stunned)
Imogen: Oh.

Panel 6 (Alex, preemptively defensive)
Alex: You’re not gonna be weird about that, right?

Panel 7 (Imogen grabbing Alex by the shoulders and shaking her)
Imogen: What? No. No! Super fine! Negative weird!