It’s my daughter’s fifth birthday today! Have the gift of a new page, hee hee.


Panel 1 (Imogen following Alex down the front steps of Imogen’s house, from the side)
Imogen:  I guess I just meant… why? And how?

Panel 2 (Alex, stretching with her arms over her head)
Alex: Please don’t make the turkey baster joke. I’ve heard that one before.

Panel 3 (Imogen following Alex down the steps, from the front)
Imogen: No! Like, how do you do it alone?
Alex: Well, we had a nanny once, but not since we moved.

Panel 4 (All four younger kids, peering out the front window)
Alex: You just make it work, you know? I mean, how do you do it? Four kids? No thank you.

Panel 5 (Imogen, looking sheepish)
Imogen: Yeah, yeah, okay.