“It’s just two panels,” she thought. “Motherlover pages average 6-7 panels per page. Two is nothing, I’ll be fine.”

Friends, she was not fine; she spent five hours gazing lovingly at Imogen’s perfect face.


Panel 1 (Imogen facing the reader, sitting with her hands folded on the table)
Imogen: I don’t mind, though. Being a mom is the one thing I’m really good at. I couldn’t really cut it in college after Lucas was born. I had scholarships and everything, but they were based on my grades, and well…

Panel 2 (Same panel, though Imogen is looking away and her phone is vibrating)
Imogen: I’d always known I wanted to be a mom, so when I got pregnant right out of high school, my boyfriend and I were like… “Well, I guess we’re starting a little early!” …but like I said, he left, so…