• owo who’s this?


Panel 1 (Side view of Imogen talking while Alex slides over her last piece of barfi)
Imogen: I’d known Jonathan since we were kids, and he really stepped up and supported me and Lucas. We fell in love, and the rest is history.

Panel 2 (Imogen, looking fond)
Imogen: I don’t know how I would have done it without him, honestly.

Panel 3 (Imogen, side, embarrassed)
Alex, off-panel: And now you have four kids.
Imogen: And now we have four kids!! What were we thinking?

Panel 4 (Alex, sly, making finger quotes)
Alex: “Oh shit, it’s twins!”
Imogen, off-panel: Pretty much!

Panel 5 (Alex is curled up in her chair listening to Imogen as someone approaches with coffees)
Imogen: But seriously… he’s a good guy. I owe him a lot.