And we’re back!

I had a good, productive break; not only did I get a lot of commissions and other work done, but I always feel like my skill levels up while I’m taking a break between chapters! It’s really fun to look back even fifteen pages to the beginning of the last chapter and see growth, just in those weeks. And I love the chance to start a new chapter fresh, with new outfits, hairstyles, and settings to get thoroughly tired of over the next ten to fifteen weeks. šŸ˜€


Panel 1 (textless; a view through Alex’s living room window from outside. She is playing the cello)

Panel 2 (textless; Alex makes a notation in a book of sheet music)

Panel 3 (textless; Alex prepares to play the cello again)

Panel 4 (inset, a pink wall-mounted phone ringing)

Panel 5 (Alex looking up, from her instrument, looking grumpy)
Alex: Gah!