Alex is a serious character with a serious storyline that deals with multiple intersections of grief and family, she says, as she draws said character making increasingly gremlin faces as the comic goes on.


Panel 1 (Alex passes behind Nolan as Nolan colours at the dining room table)
Nolan: What was that?
Alex: A landline phone. Used to be all we had in this house!
Nolan: Weird.
Alex: Yeah, that ringtone takes me back.

Panel 2 (Alex leaning against the wall as she answers the phone)
Alex: Hello?

Panel 3 (Alex rolling her eyes a little as she talks on the phone)
Alex: Oh, hi! Of course I remember you, Mrs. Abrams. Yep. Nope, we’re settling in fine.

Panel 4 (Close-up of a twisted retro phone cord)
Alex, off-panel: …thank you. Yes, the services were beautiful. Mmhmm, mom’s family was there for hers. No, it’s– Japan– yep– no, it’s fine. What can I do for you?

Panel 5 (Close-up on Alex, who looks 100% Done)
Alex: …yes, we do have a dog…