And we’re back! Thanks for your patience! I’m still dead tired, but at least I’m the kind of dead tired that got at least one night of sleep, and it’s spring break soon! I’m taking two whole weeks off to hang out with Momo and draw and play video games, and I’m extremely ready for it.


Panel 1 (Outside at night; Alex is putting on a sweater while Nolan waves off-panel)
Nolan: Oh! Hello, Ms. Dawson!

Panel 2 (large multi-panel illustration of Imogen, who is watering her plants; in-panel, Alex is looking at her with a gentle, fond expression)
Imogen: Oh, hey!

Panel 3 (Alex looks a little uncomfortable, which Imogen picks up on)
Imogen: Uh oh, that face. Everything okay?

Panel 4 (Alex passes Imogen, shrugging)
Alex: Ugh. One of the neighbours found Pika digging in her garden and lured her inside with the promise of chicken.
Imogen, laughing: Pika.
Alex: Right??