Pika’s a cryptid. Look at that face. It contains secrets.


Panel 1 (textless; from above, Alex and Nolan approaching a two-story house with someone standing on the well-lit porch)

Panel 2 (Mrs. Abrams: a frail-looking elderly black woman with short grey hair)
Abrams: Oh, she’s a spirited one, isn’t she!

Panel 3 (Pika inelegantly bonking her snout against the window)
Alex, off-panel: I’m sorry, she’s still really young, and she’s a rescue, so she’s not used to having a yard.

Panel 4 (Alex, looking Seen)
Abrams, off-panel: Oh, it’s nothing. My garden needed weeding, anyway. Not too many neighbourhood kids will do it for a quarter anymore.

Panel 5 (Alex’s hand on Nolan’s shoulder, subtly clenched)
Abrams: And this must be your little one?
Alex: Yes, this is Nolan.
Abrams: I’ve seen pictures! Your grandparents were very proud of you!