Happy Wednesday! Always fun to a) introduce a new character, b) draw a flashback or two, and c) drop a nice emotional bomb, and this one has all three. 😀


Panel 1 (An aged photo of Alex and her family. She appears around 7-9, her brother a few years younger. Her parents stand behind with their hands on their children’s shoulders. The children are in private school uniforms)
Mrs. Abrams, V/O: Oh, you’ve both done so well for yourselves. Of course you would, though; your parents were so supportive.

Panel 2 and 3 (Young Alex and her brother, in formal wear, playing cello and violin respectively on stage)
Mrs. Abrams, V/O: You two were always going off to some lesson or another. All those awards! I remember your serious little faces. Like two perfect little dolls.

Panel 4 (Alex hiding her side-eye expression by drinking from her mug)
Mrs. Abrams, off-panel: Your parents were good people. You were very lucky to have parents who worked so hard to make sure you had every advantage.
Alex: Mm.

Panel 5 (Alex looking at Pika trying to sneak a cookie from a laughing Nolan)
Alex: Yes, we were.