Nolan’s a narc!! And we learn more about Alex’s family.


Panel 1 (Alex rubbing her forehead while Mrs. Abrams comes out of the kitchen with a tray)
…I’m sorry. I should have remembered to invite you to the funerals. I know you were close when we were kids. It was just…

Panel 2 (Mrs. Abrams’ hand on Alex’s shoulder, who looks mildly unimpressed)
Abrams, off-panel: I know, dear. It’s an awful lot at once.

Panel 3 (Tea pouring into Alex’s mug)
Abrams: You and your poor brother. How is he holding up?

Panel 4 (Alex and Mrs. Abrams sit across the panel from each other, holding mugs)
Alex: …he wasn’t as close to them.
Abrams: Small blessings, I suppose. What did he end up doing?

Panel 5 (Alex making air quotes)
Alex: He’s an… “executive life coach.”

Panel 6 (Nolan chimes in holding a cookie, while Alex looks on in consternation)
Nolan, quoting Alex (in a smaller inset speech bubble): “Uncle Eiji fixes rich people’s lives, which is funny because he can’t even fix his own.”
Alex: Nolan.