Yay, Imogen’s back!!

I’m gonna be at TCAF in Toronto this weekend, at table 253 in the salon! If you’re a Toronto person, please stop by this free show to say hi and check out the INCREDIBLE talent at the show! <3


Panel 1 (Imogen taking out the trash while Alex and Nolan walk up to her in the background)
Imogen: Yay, you got her!
Alex: Her, and half the kitchen we found her in.

Panel 2 (Imogen, looking amused, as seen through the bend of Alex’s hand on her hip)
Alex: Apparently, we’re both too skinny.

Panel 3 (Alex, peering at the tupperware with disgust)
Alex: So, do you want some… ugh, green bean casserole?

Panel 4 (Imogen, making grabby hands)
Imogen: Hell yeah, I want green bean casserole!

Panel 5 (Alex, nonplussed, handing the tupperware over to Imogen)
Alex: It’s all yours.
Imogen: Thank you. I will throw it to the wolves who live in my house.