I’m home from TCAF and back into the comics grind! Toronto was lovely, and busy, and it was so nice to see so many friendly faces. It’s straight into VanCAF next weekend, at table K5 in the gymnasium, and I’m sure I’ll see more of you there! <3 <3


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen facing each other; Alex on the left and Imogen on the right. Their eyes are cut off the frame)
Alex: …well, that’s good.
Imogen: Yeah, thank you.
Alex: Of course. It’s not even mine.
Imogen: No, no, it’s still really–
Alex: Seriously, it’s nothing.
Imogen: Okay, okay.

Panel 2 (textless: Alex, hesitating)

Panel 3 (Alex brushes past Imogen, who looks back in concern)
Alex: …well, see you around, then.

Panel 4 (close-up of Imogen grabbing Alex’s shirtsleeve)
Imogen: Hey, wait… is everything okay? You were… kind of upset earlier, and it seems… worse now.