It’s Wednesday, my dudes! Happy Motherlover day! Use this to further put Jonathan in the dog house (like he needs it, tbqh), also IMOGEN LOOKS REAL CUTE IN PANEL 3 OMG
One more week, to wrap up this chapter, and then it’s off for a well-needed posting hiatus to work on chapter five. (Aaaah? Aaaah!)–


Panel 1 (Imogen kneeling with Pika in front of Alex, from the side)
Imogen: Woof, kind of a big leap.
Alex: Yeah, I’m realizing that. I obviously can’t leave her in the yard when I go out, so she doesn’t get nearly enough outdoor time.

Panel 2 (low shot of Imogen kneeling before Alex, who looks down at her with a small smile)
Imogen: Well… you know, with the boys in school, I have a lot of time on my hands. I don’t mind walking her, if you want.

Panel 3 (Imogen, alone, looking hopeful)
Alex, off-panel: No, no…
Imogen: Seriously! I love dogs, but Jonathan is allergic, so I haven’t hung out with one for years. I’d love to.

Panel 4 (same Imogen, but looking excited)
Alex, off-panel: I mean… at least let me pay you?
Imogen: If you want! I’d do it for free!