Imogen knows what to do with a big puppy. That’s how you know Imogen’s good people.

I’ve returned from back-to-back shows! Thank you everyone who stopped by TCAF or VanCAF to chat a bit about the comics — you’re the reason it’s worth it. <3


Panel 1 (Looking down over Alex’s shoulder, to where Imogen is scritching Pika’s head)
Alex: Yes, it’s fine. Just frustrated.

Panel 2 (Imogen is cuddling Pika, looking up at Alex)
Imogen: Is this her first time having a yard to run away from?
Alex, off-panel: Yeah, I think her previous owners lived in an apartment? We’ve only had her a few months. Everyone is still learning.
Imogen: Is she your first dog?

Panel 3 (Alex, looking disdainful)
Alex: Hah, yeah. I figured… with all the space, why waste the opportunity? Kids and dogs and suburbs are a thing, right? I wanted Nolan to get the whole experience.