Hello again! Happy Wednesday! I really liked scripting this chapter, because the first few were very much setting up the characters and them being sort of new to each other, and now I can start actually weaving in their chemistry. They can start growing into the people they’re gonna be now! They can crack jokes like friends! It’s exciting!

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Panel 1 (Alex smirking and raising an eyebrow at Imogen while driving, while Imogen backpedals)
Imogen: Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, of course it matters. But not for me, you know?
Alex: Dig deeper, please.

Panel 2 (Imogen pointing at Alex, smiling)
Imogen: No! You can’t keep trapping me like this! I’m sure women are great…
Alex, off-panel: Yep.
Imogen: …but it’s not like I’m gonna be dating again, so even if I’ve considered it, which I have, because I’m not blind, it’s a pointless exercise. I’m married to a man! End of story for me!

Panel 3 (Alex, deadpan)
Alex: A terrible fate.

Panel 4 (Imogen laughing in the foreground as Alex looks on, disbelieving)
Imogen: The man part’s not the bad part!
Alex: I strenuously disagree.