Remember how I said the script for this chapter had been bothering me? Well, that came to a head this week while I was trying to do this week’s page, and today I managed to unstick myself! Yay!
…but it meant a wholesale rewrite of this chapter, the effects of which shake up the entire rest of the timeline. Suffice to say, I’ve got a bit of work on my hands rewriting the remainder of the chapter and propagating those changes to the rest of the story, and I had to throw out the work I did on this page.
So! No new page this week for Motherlover, sorry; at least it will be in its leveled-up form when y’all do see it! πŸ˜€

Happy Wednesday! Here is a new Motherlover page for you, with an easter egg for fellow Vancouverites. <3

For new patrons of the comic (hello!!) I’ve shared a new file download on Patreon: a colouring book featuring 19 pictures from 2018-19, in both printable files and PSDs. This is free for all patrons, as a thank you for the immense show of support after I shared that I was laid off last week.

Thank you so much for your support! It really means the world to me. I believe strongly in having this comic available online and ad-free, on my own site, and your pledges are the main reason I can do that. If you’ve been thinking about pledging, now would be a perfect time! Being between jobs is stressful, but with your help I can keep doing this a long time. <3 <3


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen getting out of Alex’s car, which is a shiny navy blue luxury model)
Alex: You good?

Panel 2 (Imogen pulls a face while Alex teases)
Imogen: How do I look?
Alex: Sweaty and anxious.
Imogen: Alex.
Alex: Positively dewy. You’re fine.

Panel 3 (Imogen, looking distraught, in front of a bookstore)
Alex, off-panel: Seriously, don’t worry about it. They’re good people, they’ll like you.
Imogen: Ugh, they sound really cool, though!