Happy Motherlover day! Finally, a little bit of vulnerability from Alex…


Panel 1 (open; Alex is shoveling snow in front of her house while her mother holds Nolan, a baby, in the background)
Imogen, v/o: I’m sorry.
Alex, v/o: It’s fine. There’s no fixing it now. Yes, they were strict, and yes, they demanded a lot
from us, but he didn’t even try. not even when they got older and started needing help with things. by then they knew they may as well just call me, because he refused. I did what I could to be a…
you know, a good daughter, to live up to their expectations. Everything I did, I hoped… that they’d be happy. But it was like… after he stopped doing that too, it never felt like I could do enough to make up for it.

Panel 2 (Imogen, from the side, speaking)
Imogen: He got their blessing while lying about who he was, while you lived your truth and they still wanted more from you. That’s not fair to yo–

Panels 3-5 (Alex speaking; first angrily, then pausing with her hand over her mouth, then finally looking ashamed)
Alex: It’s not fair to treat your kids like– to treat your parents like– trying to be perfect probably took years off my-
Alex: Oh, geez. I’m sorry, this is the deep Alex bullshit. You probably don’t want to-