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Panel 1 (Imogen speaking)
Imogen: Oh… that’s too bad. I’m sorry. Is he also, uh… is that his partner?

Panel 2 (The same photo that was on the fridge, but enlarged to show detail)
Alex: Mmhmm. His roommate. They live in a one-bedroom to save on rent, I’m sure.
Imogen: Uh huh! I know a few ways to save water, haha.
Alex: They’ve been together for years, but… he never came out to our parents. I guess he saw how it changed my relationship with them, and decided it wasn’t worth it.

Panel 3 (Alex, looking away, thoughtful)
Alex: He was always kind of like that; I’d try really hard to please them, and he’d barely do anything, so eventually they left him alone.
Alex: It’s not like our parents were bad, but. They sure didn’t… understand who I am.