Happy Wednesday! I, personally, have not recovered from the Significant Hand Touching.


Panel 1/2 (Alex and Imogen holding hands across the table, from above)
Alex: It’s… really nice, to have some happiness in this house.
Imogen: Happy to bring it over, anytime.

Panel 2 (Nolan, sitting at the piano, surrounded by Imogen’s four youngest sons)
Alex, off-panel: Thank you. I’m not… very good at playing with Nolan. I’m too…

Panel 3 (Alex looks tiredly towards the noise; broken music notes fill the air)
Alex: …tense.

Panel 4 (Imogen looking straight out the panel, earnest)
Imogen: Thank you for trusting me with this, Alex.

Panel 5 (Alex, looking straight out, embarrassed)
Alex: Oh! Uh, you’re welcome? Thank you.