Happy Motherlover Day! <33

A lil’ bit of housekeeping – I had planned to be at FanExpo Vancouver this weekend, but due to workload reasons I’ve decided not to. Sorry to anyone who was hoping to swing by and say hi! I’m doing a pretty good job this year of clinging to THIS side of burnout, but some things have just gotta give to keep that the case, haha.


Panel 1 (open; Alex and Imogen chatting at the table as time passes)

Panel 2 (the timer on the oven beeps, SFX: BEEP BEEP BEEP)

Panel 3 (Alex takes the food out of the oven in the foreground, while Imogen checks her phone)
Alex: Did you figure out what was up with your  power? Is it a fuse thing, Or are we on different grids?

Panel 4 (open; a power outage map of the neighbourhood reporting no known outages)

Panel 5 (Imogen, holding her phone and looking skeptical)
Imogen: Nope. Jonathan said he’d ‘take care of it’.

Panel 6 (Alex, also looking dubious)
Alex: Huh, that’s weird.