(lindsay, is the fact she’s in her underwear a metaphor for the imbalance of pow– SSH, ssh. i m o g e n.)


Panel 1 (Imogen is standing in mismatched underwear and bra, looking unsure)
Imogen: So… can we talk about why the power’s out?

Panel 2 (Imogen sits down on the bed to talk to Jonathan)
Jonathan: I just forgot to leave enough money in the right account to pay it. Easily fixed.
Imogen: It was so embarrassing… Alex is so put together, and there we were, being loud and broke in her nice house—

Panel 3 (Imogen and Jonathan talking)
Jonathan: We’re not broke. It was just a mistake.
Imogen: Yeah, but—it was a mistake where the consequences didn’t matter for you, but really mattered to me. I couldn’t make dinner or run baths or do laundry—

Panel 4 (close-up of Imogen, looking frustrated)
Jonathan, off-panel: You could have ordered pizza, or—
Imogen: That’s not the point, Jon!