Happy Wednesday! Today… we remember how to draw a man.

Very much enjoyed last week’s speculation as to What’s Going On With Jonathan! Keep ’em coming. 😀


Panel 1 (Alex and Imogen’s houses, from the street, at night. Alex’s house has lights on, Imogen’s doesn’t)

Panel 2 (Imogen bringing a stack of blankets into the bedroom, where Jonathan is)
Imogen: Blanket delivery! The twins are excited to sleep in the same bed again.

Panel 3 (Imogen laying a blanket on the bed, while Jonathan looks at his phone)
Imogen: Shouldn’t you be conserving power?
Jonathan: I can charge in the car tomorrow, and the power should be back on by the time I get home.

Panel 4 (Imogen shivers as she starts unbuttoning her shirt)
Imogen: Oooooh my gosh it’s so cold!! We should have stayed over at Alex’s, like she offered.

Panel 5 (Jonathan, raising an eyebrow)
Jonathan: It wasn’t necessary. It’s only one night.