We made it! That’s a wrap on this chapter of Motherlover. Thank you, as always, for coming along with me as I veeeeeeery slooooooowly tell you this story. I’m so glad you’re here.

As usual, I’m going to take a few weeks break from Motherlover – I’m not sure how many weeks exactly, but it’s usually three or four; the uncertainty comes from, you know, gestures at everything. But! For Reasons, you can be assured that it will return, just a small but unknown number of weeks from now. <3

Maybe perhaps I will get ahead of my posting schedule?? It hasn’t happened in almost two years, but, we live in hope!

I hope y’all are staying healthy and sane. We’re status quo over here and just embracing that hygge life, waiting like tulips to come out on the other side of winter.


Panel 1 (Imogen and Jon in bed, facing different directions. Jon is awake on on his phone)

Panel 2 (Closeup of Imogen dozing)

Panel 3 (It goes dark; Jonathan’s turned off his phone)

Panel 4 (SFX: rustling; Imogen’s eyes squint open)

Panel 5 (Jonathan is cuddled up behind Imogen, who’s looking over at him with an incredulous smile)
Imogen: Really?
Jonathan: No?

Panel 6 (Only speech bubbles)
Imogen: Babe, it’s freezing.
Jonathan: I mean… it’s one way to warm up.
Imogen: Haha… fine…