WE BACK. Thanks for your patience as I happened to take the normal inter-chapter hiatus while Everything Else Happened and needed a little time to get my head straight.

It’s chapter seven! Hooray! Excited to start another chapter’s journey with y’all as we very slowly experience this slow burn together, ahaha.

I hope y’all are weathering things as best you can. Gonna keep making fun, sweet, sometimes difficult queer art over here so there’s something to look forward to. <3


Panel 1 (textless; a large establishing panel of a motorcyclist driving through paved forest path. It is dark, and a park sign reads ‘New Years Sunrise Hike’. It is New Years Day.)

Panel 2 (also textless; the rider pulls into the parking lot, where the hiking boots of someone waiting for them are visible)

Panels 3-5 (the rider regards the other person, and pulls off their helmet to reveal Alex)
Alex: I didn’t think you’d show.