It’s Wednesday, my dudes. I hope you’re all staying safe out there and doing what you can.

Some of y’all might have seen on my Twitter that some exciting news dropped this week: Motherlover’s been picked up by Iron Circus Comics! Coming to you published in real-book-form in 2023!! Publishing this comic has been a goal of mine since I began it, and I’m very happy to share that that dream’s gonna become a reality. ๐Ÿ™‚

We’re gettin’ published, baybee!! Wooooooooo!!!!

So, what does this mean for the comic? Well, thankfully: all good things! I’m going to continue publishing the comic online, for free, at one page per week, while working on it much faster behind the scenes to make sure we hit that 2023 publishing date. Which means… there’s gonna be a lot more behind-the-scenes content going up on Patreon, including getting to read a little farther ahead than what’s publicly available, once I’ve drawn enough to outpace my posting schedule a bit. If that’s a thing that interests you – and I hope it does, because 2023 is a long ways to go before I sleep, haha – come over and join us on Patreon!

Thank you so much, as always, for reading along with me. Can’t wait for 2023. ๐Ÿ˜€


Panel 1 (Alex, above Eiji on the trail, looks back at him in confusion)
Eiji: Youโ€™re going to sell the house, right? once itโ€™s all fixed up?
Alex: No, I- wait, what?

Panel 2 (inset, a close-up on Alex’s face)
Alex: I moved my whole life there, to raise Nolan there; to have a yard and a dog and a good school…

Panel 3 (Eiji, looking up as Alex speaks, with a sad expression)
Alex, from inset: …to give her something like a normal childhood, like we had.

Panel 4 (Alex, looking frustrated)
Alex: Wait, why do you care? Were you just waiting for me to sell the house, so you could stick your hand out?