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Panel 1 (Alex gesturing angrily at Eiji)
Alex: You got your inheritance. It’s not my fault if you spent it going on vacation and updating your Instagram—
Eiji: What else are you supposed to do with an inheritance? The best way to honour the dead is to live your life.

Panel 2 (more Alex gesturing angrily at Eiji)
Alex: Oh, like you’ve had any problem living your life however you please—don’t pretend like their money has any more impact on your choices than they did.
Eiji: Alex, that’s—I keep trying to tell you—

Panel 3 (just assume everything Alex does is angrily)
Alex: You were never there for them. For me. Fucking off with their money and every advantage they gave you is a pretty you move, don’t you think?

Panel 4 (Eiji, looking empathetic and sad)
Eiji: Jesus, Alex, I don’t want any money, calm down. It’s just a little… macabre? Living in a house with so many ghosts?