Happy Wednesday! Despite everything, we’re still here.

Thank you for all your comments about this arc for Alex. It’s been a long time coming – seven chapters, to be exact, and I’m gratified (and very sorry) that it’s resonating with a lot of you. If it is, I’m wishing you lots of strength. <3

Elsewhere on the internet, Masha at WWAC did a glowing write-up of Motherlover! Go check it out. 🙂


Panel 1 (Alex, from below, the forest sky beginning to lighten above her)
Alex: Fine. But you left me. I needed you. If you thought it was so bad, why didn’t you tell me?

Panel 2 (Alex’s phone, displaying calls gone to voicemail from Eiji, along with newspaper obituaries and a pen)
Eiji, off-panel: Alex, I tried. You didn’t want to listen.

Panel 3 (Eiji, also from below)
Eiji, cont.: And after a while… I just had to make a clean break. From all of you. I knew you would be there to take care of them, and they would focus on you, and leave me alone.

Panel 4 (Alex, looking thoughtful and sad)
Eiji, off-panel: I’m sorry I hurt you in the process. That part’s on me, not them.