Hello again! We made it through June, and happy Canada Day! <3


Panels 1 and 2 (Eiji flinching backwards as a pinecone bounces off of his head)
Eiji: That doesn’t matt— hey! What the hell, Alex!

Panel 3 (Alex, yelling and ready to throw another pinecone)
Alex: You! Are! The most ungrateful, selfish person I know! They gave you everything, and you left!

Panel 4 (Eiji, palms up, explaining)
Eiji: I didn’t leave, okay? I just realized that how they treated us wasn’t normal, and I didn’t let them have that power over me any more.

Panel 5 (Alex, rubbing her forehead)
Eiji, off-panel: You know, I wrote a book about it.
Alex, muttering: Oh my god, you wrote a whole book about it.