That’s a wrap on chapter seven! Thank you for coming along on this one with me!! This was probably the one I was looking forward to navigating the most, as it’s… a pretty important thing about Alex! I hope it struck the right chords.

I’ll be taking the usual interchapter break now – gosh, last time we did this, it was just the beginning of the pandemic. Wild. Finished a whole chapter, and everything’s still happening so much. Interchapter break is usually three to four weeks – god, we’ll see how the beginning of school goes; that might affect it. But, it’ll come back, just as usual! If you don’t want to miss it, I invite you to join me as a $1 patron on Patreon; you’ll get the comic (and my other comic, How Baby!) sent right to your inbox every week! 🙂

Thank you, as always, for reading along and loving Alex and Imogen. We’ll get there. 🙂


Panel 1 (A cup of sake in Alex’s hands)
Alex: You could have told them. You could have told me.

Panel 2 (Alex and Eiji, bottom frame, not looking at each other)
Eiji: They didn’t deserve the privilege.

Panel 3 (The bottle of sake sitting in the grass)
Eiji, off-panel: I still think you should sell the house. You can just walk away from them.

Panel 4 (Alex, tipping her face to the rising sun, her eyes closed)
Alex: I guess I could. But I feel like… this is my fresh start. Or if not fresh, then… stable. Good. Somewhere I can figure out what I want. And where Nolan can grow up. I’m ready to put down roots.

Panel 5 (Eiji, smiling softly at Alex)
Eiji: Okay.