And! We’re! Back! Rested and rejuvenated and ready to flex these art muscles for a new chapter.

Every chapter break is like a level up, and this time was no different: check out the perspective backgrounds I DIDN’T have to cheat and use screenshots from the Sims for. Is the perspective perfect? No. Is it nicer and more organic anyway? Hell yeah. I’ll take it.

Thank you for bearing with me during the break! Motherlover will resume weekly updates now. <3


Panel 1 (textless; Imogen’s house, at night. A light snow is falling, and the second floor windows are dark.)

Panel 2 (Alex is lying with Nolan in bed in a dark, messy bedroom. There is hockey equipment and a cluttered desk.)
caption: Valentine’s Day

Panel 3 (textless; Alex tucking Nolan in)

Panel 4 (Alex closes the door to the room she was just in, entering a the brighter hallway. The door has ‘KEEP OUT’ police tape on it. Alex is looking over her shoulder.)
Alex: Hey. Did the twins go down okay?