Hello! Happy Wednesday! <33


Panel 1 (Alex and Lucas cleaning up the table)
Alex: Thanks for your help today, Lucas. It would have been a lot harder without you.
Lucas: I’m used to it. I’ve always helped mom out with my brothers.

Panel 2 (Close up of Alex’s face)
Alex: You’re really good with them. I wish more young men were are nurturing and kind as you.

Panel 3 (textless; Lucas, as if from Alex’s point of view, turning away with a stony look.)

Panel 4 (Alex, in the kitchen)
Alex: I’m sure your mom appreciates the help. Your stepdad works a lot, right?

Panel 5 (Over Alex’s shoulder, Lucas sullenly stuffed garbage into a bag)
Lucas: Mmhmm.

Panel 6 (Alex, uncomfortable)
Alex: …ah, how about you go pick a movie?