The wild thing about doing a comic for over two years (!!??) is that you realize you haven’t drawn a certain character in, oooooh, about that long, and this time around you finally have the skill to draw them how you wanted to in the first place? Truly… don’t wait until your art is ‘good enough’ to start doing a comic, because you’ll get better anyway…

Happy Wednesday! Happy October, soon!!


Panel 1 (Alex looks over the staircase railing at Imogen’s oldest son, Lucas, who is descending and carrying an armful of blankets)
Lucas: Yeah, I guess.

Panel 2 (closer on Alex, who looks doubtful)
Alex: Your mom says it can take a while. Hopefully they’ll be asleep by the time she and your stepdad come home.

Panel 3 (textless; Lucas throws the linens on the living room couch with a FWUMP. The living room, and table in the foreground, is a mess)

Panel 4 (Alex sighs. A wedding photo of Imogen and Jonathan is on the wall behind her)
Alex: Aiee…