It’s been a hot minute since I drew Imogen! She was only in the last chapter ONCE. Luckily… I’m gonna get a lot of chances this chapter to draw her smokin’ hot.


Panels 1 and 2 (textless; Alex is asleep in the dark, and wakes up when a light shines on her face)

Panel 3 (Alex looks from the shadowed living room, over Lucas asleep on the couch, to where Imogen and Jonathan are stumbling into the kitchen)
Jonathan: We’re home!
Imogen: Ssh, ssh!

Panel 4 (Imogen, tipsy, looking dolled up with an up-do and a low-cut dress)
Imogen: How did it go?

Panel 5 (Alex, jus’ standin’ there holding a blanket)
Alex: Perfect. Lucas was a huge help. He’ll be solo babysitting in no time. How was dinner?

Panel 6 (Imogen supports Jonathan, who is leaning heavily on her)
Imogen: Oh, you know: tiny food, big plates, even bigger wine glasses.
Alex: Mmhmm. I know the kind of place well.