no thoughts, head empty, his badness level is just too high

This is the last time I’ll catch y’all before Hallowe’en, so I’m gonna wish you a good and safe one now – whatever you decide to do with it! We’re gonna do a day of Hallowe’en activities and crafts, ending with a drive around to a few safe family houses so she can show off her costume and get some candy, then home to introduce her to Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s… what it is, I guess! New family traditions!


Panel 1 (Imogen assisting Jonathan through the house while Alex looks on)
Jonathan: We had a great time! Very- very romantic. Great, uh…
Imogen: Ambiance?
Jonathan: Ambiance!

Panel 2 (textless; Jonathan climbs the stairs in the foreground while, in the background, Alex and Imogen talk while Alex puts on her coat.)

Panel 3 (Imogen, close-up, smiling)
Imogen: Thank you again. I’ll send Nolan home tomorrow afternoon.

Panel 4 (Imogen and Alex looking off-panel, to Jonathan)
Jonathan, off-panel: Why go home?

Panel 5 (Imogen and Alex in the foreground, looking up at Jonathan in the stairwell)
Alex: Pardon?
Jonathan: She should stay over! No one should be alone on Valentine’s Day!
Imogen: And she… would sleep… where?

Panel 6 (Jonathan, close-up, lecherous)
Jonathan: We have room! Big ol’ bed… hey Alex, do you swing?