Exquisite faces, courtesy of Imogen and Alex. What a difference in emotion a slightly different angle in the eyebrows can make.

I’m writing this in the past, knowing it’s going to be posted on the morning after the American election. It feels weird, not knowing what to say, knowing so many of you lovely readers are going to be affected by the results, for good or ill. I hope that the next time I am writing in this little text box to you, it is with relief and optimism — but whatever happens (or… has happened), this Canadian neighbour is rooting for you. Stay safe, and stay in the game. <3


Panel 1 (textless; Alex and Imogen looking up (at Jonathan), wearing similar expressions of disgust/sadness)

Panel 2 (close-up, Imogen speaking to Alex; SFX of thumping off-panel)
Imogen: Uh, no offense, but…
Alex: Oh, no, none taken, really.

Panel 3 (Imogen turns to Alex; in the background, Jonathan is stumbling up the stairs)
Imogen: Um… thanks anyway? Sorry about the…

Panel 4 (open; Alex hugging Imogen)
Alex: Yeah, of course. Uh… good luck with… all that…