Breaking out ALL the text bubbles after a mostly-silent chapter… to good effect, I hope.

Thank you everyone who’s agonizing along with me for this!! It’s good to finally have company!!


Panels 1-3 (Jonathan being hit with a pillow from various angles)
Imogen, off-panel: I- read- your- MESSAGES!

Panel 4 (Imogen winding up to hit Jonathan again as he defends himself)
Imogen: Who is she?!
Jonathan: Wh- you read my texts? What the hell, Ginny? You’re going through my phone now?

Panel 5 (Imogen clutches the pillow to her chest)
Imogen:  I’m – I’m sorry! I had to!! How could you-

Panel 6 (close-up of Imogen, crying)
Imogen: How could you?!